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Armenia Velazquez

Redefining Plant Nutrition

Lecture by: Ms. Armenia Velázquez. Soil Microbiologist. abiosa Title of the presentation: «Redefining Vegetal Nutrition...
Romina Almasia

Current status of Bioinputs in Chile

Presentation by: Mrs. Romina Almasia. Vice President Chilean Network of Bioinputs. Title of the presentation: «Current state of the Bio...
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Francis Romero

Microalgae as biostimulants

Lecture by: D. Francisco Romero. Investigator. Sevilla University. Title of the paper: «Microalgae as a biostimulant...

Nutritional Epigenetics

Lecture by: Mr. Francisco Javier del Águila Capel. Manager (Keops Agro) Title of the paper: "Nutritional Epigenetics" Res...

Biological control in the field

Lecture by: D. Wagner Bettiol. Environmental Researcher at EMBRAPA Paper title: "Biological control on the ground"...



citrus nutrition

Presentation by: Mrs. Ana Quiñones. IVIA Title of the paper: «Nutrition in citrus fruits»

Pathogen analysis by PCR

Lecture by: Mr. José Manuel Lucas. Gen Advice Title of the paper: «Analysis of pathogens by PCR»