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Presentation by: 
Mr. Gorka Erice. Technical Director (Atens)

Presentation title:
«Influence of the soil microbiome on the yield of the pepper crop»



Doctor Gorka Erice, Technical Director of Atens, Agrotecnologías Naturales SL, gave a presentation entitled "Soil microbiome and yield in pepper crops", within the block of the program dedicated to biostimulants of microbial origin.

In his presentation, he showed the results corresponding to a test carried out using the novel metabolomics and metagenomics techniques, carried out on peppers in the town of El Ejido (Almería) co-inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizae (Rhizoglomus irregulare BEG72 and Funneliformis mosseae BEG234) and Trichoderma koningii TK7.

In its development, the changes in the communities of soil microorganisms and how they influence the growth of plants are highlighted. Likewise, Dr. Erice places special emphasis on the alterations of the plant metabolome both at the foliar level and in the fruit that will reach the final consumer.

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Gorka Erice

Gorka Erice

Director of the Technical Department of ATENS.

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