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Mr. Francisco J. Calvo. R&D Director (Koppert Spain)

Presentation title:
«New uses of microbiological control agents against different pests and diseases»



Francisco Javier Calvo, Director of the R&D Department of Koppert Spain, focuses his lecture on the effectiveness of biological control as an alternative method in the fight against pests and diseases.

In his dissertation, he stresses the effectiveness of biological control, based on the release of parasitoids and predators, as well as the application of entomopathogenic organisms, methods that, in addition to being effective, are environmentally sustainable, allowing the production of fruit and vegetables free of chemical residues.

The presentation is part of the situation that has been created by the limitations on the use of chemical control agents for the control of pests and diseases that have been imposed by the different national and community governments, together with the additional limitations adopted by the distribution chains. to the use of certain active ingredients, due to the growing concern of consumers.

Calvo reviews the cases in which this strategy has been used successfully, obtaining optimal results against target pests and diseases, and the possibilities offered by microorganisms to be used to control pathogens and pests, expanding the range of Harmful organisms that can be controlled biologically.

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Francisco J. Calvo

R&D Director (Koppert Spain)

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