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Presentation by: 
Ms. Teresa Hernandez. Research professor (CEBAS-CSIC)

Presentation title:
«Phosphorus in the soil: Its importance and microbial solubilization strategies»



Ms. Teresa Fernández, scientist and research professor at CEBAS-CESIC, developed in her presentation the problem of phosphorus in the soil, and microbial solubilization strategies, from a strictly academic point of view.

After exposing where the importance of phosphorus lies for all organisms, as it forms part of fundamental molecules such as ATP and DNA, being the second most important macronutrient for crops after nitrogen, Teresa Hernández illustrated the audience in the ways in which it is found in the soil, analyzing the mechanisms of solubilization by microorganisms.

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Teresa Hernandez

Research professor (CEBAS-CSIC)

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