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Mr Khalid Akdi. R+D+i Director (Trichodex)

Presentation title:
«Plant Microbiome, New Paradigm to optimize nutritional efficiency and mitigate Abiotic stress»



Khalid Akdi, R&D Director of Trichodex, approaches microorganisms as a new paradigm, which breaks with what has been developed over the last 30 years.

As Khalid explains, this new paradigm is revolutionizing the world not only at the agricultural level, but also at the biotechnology level in general, in the use of microorganisms to increase productivity while taking sustainability into account, but above all to deal with salt stress. , abiotic, stress due to water reduction, etc., and in this sense he speaks of the microbiome as the "organ" that is part of the plant and that had been forgotten in this role since agriculture appeared until today, and that must be taken into account to reach the genetic potential of the plant.

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Khalid Akdi

Khalid Akdi

R+D+i Director (Trichodex)

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