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Presentation by: 
Mrs. María Cecilia Peppi Aronowsky
Agricultural engineer, doctor in agricultural sciences. Researcher
INIA (Agricultural Research Institute)

Presentation title:
«Productivity and agronomic management of a new white grape developed in Chile»

About the presentation:

Agricultural Innovation: Transforming the Future of Uvilla Cultivation

In the dynamic world of agriculture, innovation and efficiency are key to staying ahead. The Agricultural Research Institute of Chile (INIA) has positioned itself as a leader in this area, promoting significant advances in the cultivation of grapes, an exquisite fruit with high market value.

Strategic Manpower Management

Manpower management in agriculture is a critical issue that requires special attention. INIA has addressed this challenge with a strategic approach, optimizing human resources through advanced agronomic practices. This effort not only improves efficiency in the field, but also ensures the long-term sustainability of grape production.

Aeronomic Improvement: A Step Towards Efficiency

INIA's aeronomic improvement program represents a qualitative leap in the production of grapes. By constantly looking for ways to make cultivation more effective and efficient, INIA is laying the foundations for an agriculture of the future, where quality and productivity go hand in hand.

Financing and Collaboration: Keys to Success

Diversified financing and collaboration are cornerstones of INIA's strategy. With the active participation of the private sector and the determined support of the State, the uvillas program has managed to complement and enrich itself, integrating perfectly with other lines of work and programs within the institution.

A New Variety for the Market

The introduction of a new variety of grape, white, seedless and with an impressive caliber, marks a milestone in the history of Chilean agriculture. This development not only meets the demands of today's market, but also sets a new quality standard in fruit production.

Management and Support Guide for Producers

In an effort to empower farmers and provide them with the tools necessary for success, INIA has developed management guides and practical suggestions. These resources are designed to help growers navigate the complex world of grape growing, ensuring they can make the most of the innovations and improvements introduced by the programme.

Conclusion: Towards a Sustainable and Profitable Future

INIA is not only transforming the way grapes are grown in Chile, it is also redefining what is possible in agriculture. By combining scientific innovation with a practical, farmer-centered approach, INIA is leading the way toward a more sustainable, profitable and delicious future for all.


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María Cecilia Peppi Aronowsky

  • Agricultural engineer, doctor in agricultural sciences. Researcher
  • INIA (Agricultural Research Institute)

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