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Presentation by: 
Ms. Núria Banyuls. Project manager and regulatory expert (Applied Insect Science)

Presentation title:
«Registration of Microbial Biopesticides as low risk products in the European Union»


The presentation entitled "Registration of microbial biopesticides as low-risk products in the European Union" was given by Núria Banyuls, Project Coordinator and expert in APIS (Applied Insect Science SL) regulation.

In it, he gives us a presentation on the consideration of biopesticides, including microorganisms, plant extracts (botanical products) and semiochemicals (pheromones), in the European Union, products that are becoming increasingly important in the pesticide market. phytosanitary products.

It analyzes the requirements for the authorization of products and active substances of synthesis and of biological origin, whose requirements are practically the same as those demanded for active substances and phytosanitary products that are evaluated in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1107/ 2009, and how this fact hinders the registration process of "green" products and substances.

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Nuria Banyuls

Project manager and regulatory expert (Applied Insect Science)

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