In a world where sustainability, food security and environmental conservation are essential, agronomists play a crucial role. For this reason, the World Network of Agronomists emerged, a unified platform that seeks to integrate agronomy professionals from around the world under the slogans #I amAgronomo. This network's main objective is to amplify our voices, allowing us to be heard and for our messages to reach and be considered in the spaces where crucial decisions are made.

This network will not only be a meeting place, but will also act as a lobby, a space where, together, we can influence policies and decisions at a global, regional and local level. We will be a unified front, working to ensure that agronomists are present and are an integral part in dialogue and decision spaces, promoting sustainable, innovative and equitable agricultural practices.

Together we are stronger, and through this network, farmers and agricultural engineers will demonstrate to society our strategic role in maintaining global health, conserving ecosystems and their biodiversity, and producing nutritious and accessible food for all. . We seek to build a future where agronomy is recognized and valued as the essential profession that it is, and where our contributions to the well-being of the planet and humanity are widely recognized and respected.

The World Network of Agronomists is more than a community; It's a movement. It is a collective commitment to dignify our profession, share knowledge and experiences, and work together to face the agronomic and environmental challenges of the present and the future. We invite agronomists from around the world to join us in this mission, to together build a greener, fairer and more sustainable world.

This is the time to come together, to raise our voices and to work together to shape the future of agronomy and the world. Join the World Network of Agronomists and be part of the solution! #I'mAgronomist!

Decalogue #I am an Agronomist

Unification and Dignification

We come together to strengthen and dignify the agronomic profession, creating a global community where collaboration and mutual learning are essential.

Health for the Planet and Humanity

We are committed to ensuring health through safe and healthy agricultural practices, protecting both people and ecosystems.

Food Sustainability

We aspire to guarantee the production of sufficient, sustainable and affordable food, with respect and ecological balance.

Environmental Protection

We are responsible for defending and protecting the environment, promoting the prudent use of resources and biodiversity.

Technological innovation

We aim to implement and promote advanced technologies and innovations to optimize agricultural efficiency and sustainability.

Equitable Transition

We seek to facilitate a fair and balanced transition towards sustainable agricultural models, ensuring that all involved are considered.

Continuing Education

We value and pursue professional development and continuing education to stay abreast of the latest advances and best practices in agronomy.

Wisdom Exchange

We encourage the sharing of experiences and knowledge between agronomists from different regions, enriching our vision and understanding of the agronomic world.

Equity and Inclusivity

We fight for inclusive and fair agronomy, where all voices are valued and everyone has equal opportunity and representation.

Representation and Defense

We strive to represent and defend the interests and rights of agronomists, advocating for policies that support the profession and sustainable agriculture.

Defend your profession

Fight to transmit the values of your work to society

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